Most black market weed is not so bad, but some is...


The Dangers of the Black Market

Thankfully, the average illegal pot grower respects his product and tampering is tantamount to religious sacrilege. While tampering is not a rampant activity, it should be a concern. Dodgy weed is one of the main reasons why everyone should want to buy lab tested marijuana. When you buy from a dealer on the street, it might be OK or it could be organic crap, sprayed high -grade, laced with glass and cheap amphetamines or everything in between.


"Okay, smoking is bad; you shouldn't smoke. And alcohol is bad; you shouldn't drink alcohol. And as for drugs, well, drugs are bad; you shouldn't do drugs. That's about wraps it up."  - Mr. Mackey – South Park


The most likely source of tampered weed comes from an unverifiable source.   To maximize profits, local dealers want return business, which means they have to keep their customers happy.  Still, the quality control skills of a black market supplier can ebb and flow, and sometimes he messes up.  There are those who simply lack any ethics what so ever, and knowingly tamper their bad product and sell it at a ginormous profit to the ill informed or weak of thinking.

Weed is generally laced to "up" its quality, but not always Adding amphetamines or other drugs can mask poor quality, while delivering a more potent high. While marijuana alone is correlated with a drop in hard drug usage, spiked weed has to be a gateway drug, because additives can be very addictive, more harming and certainly less medicinal.

harm from drugs
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Some people add cocaine or even LSD to their weed, and sometimes share with others.  If you are the other, you'd like to be informed. More rare is the addition of heroin, PCP and MDMA.  Now you're talking about a truly hard drug.

To make poor bud look potent some nefarious dealers add crushed glass, sparkley laundry detergent, and fragrance to make it smell exotic and appear to have lots of kief and trichomes.  An abundance of real trichomes and Kief are associated with high potency bud. There are other dodgy tricks, like putting the weed in a bag with citrus peels, cheese and diesel. More tricks of the "trade" included cutting bud with spices like oregano and even adding sugar to add weight to the product.  


"Getting really sick of alcohol commercials. 'Hey kids, drugs are bad...unless they're legal!"

Test the Potency or your Herb Anywhere



drug dealers are a gamble

If weed normally works well for you, but suddenly its stopped being effective, you might have built up and intolerance, or it could be bad weed.  Symptoms that weed is supposed to help can be worsened with toxic weed, including:

  • Insomnia
  • Poor sleep
  • Lack of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Dizziness
  • Erratic heart rate
  • Breathing issues
  • Lightheadedness
  • Feeling weird, seeing things
  • Vomiting & Diarrhea
  • Organ stress


If you are not sure about the person you're buying your pot from, ask them if you can check out the product. If they decline, perhaps you should too.   It your bud sparkles, take a little crystal and try to scratch a surface.  The glass will scratch, the real McCoy will not. If there is white power about, add water and if it soaps up, it's soap.


If moist weed smells of diesel, to smell out a rat, you can put the suspect weed over a flame, Diesel will spark up while moist legit weed does not. Likewise, when burnt, chemical and perfume additives smell, well, chemical like and harsh - not like pot.    
If buds were soaked in a solution to color it purple, then the stems will color purple too.  Stems are not naturally purple by the way.  Buds can be cracked open, doctored buds tend to have more color on the outside than the inside.


Tap a bud on a dark surface, then observe. Trichomes are milky white or amber in color. Trichomes don't come off if pressed or knocked loose, but certainly don't fall off like dust.  Use a magnifying glass for best results.  If you're in doubt, why not give it a pass. You've got a lot more to lose than to gain.



  • Your 6th sense say's no.
  • Weed is ground up like a store bought herb.
  • Supplier won't smoke a bowl with you.
  • Supplier won't let you inspect it properly.
  • Supplier avoids your questions and offers special deals, including hard drugs.

medicating experience vs a mad trip


If you're in a state where marijuana is illegal, well, you might do well heeding the advice given in this article.  The alternative is to buy legal lab tested weed at a reputable dispensary.  Since medical marijuana is legal in California, Nevada and many other states, patients can simply apply online or go to their family doctor - if they believe in MMJ - to avoid the uncertainty of dealing with black market suppliers which include some very unsavory characters. And if you happen to get some ultra potent, but otherwise OK strain which knocks you on your butt, you don't want to get paranoid and start thinking the stash was tampered with.

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