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ACDC vs AK-47 - Which Strain is Better?

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With AC/DC and AK-47,  we're definitely not talking about  half a dozen of one or six of the other.  It is really a question of different strokes for different folks.  What do you want and what do you need.  Before getting into the details, we'll disrobe the two "contestants" and see what the naked approximate facts are.


Google Stats:

  • AK-47 STRAIN MARIJUANA WEED  About 255,000 results
  • AC/DC STRAIN MARIJUANA WEED  About 27,100 results



  • AK-47   Sativa-dominant hybrid - Colombian, Mexican, Thai, Afghani
  • AC/DC  Sativa-dominant phenotype Cannatonic



  • AK-47   hell ya
  • AC/DC  nope


Cost comparison

  • AK-47  Gram:    $15      Ounce:$286
  • AC/DC: Gram    $16      Ounce: $300
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  • AK-47   15-25%
  • AC/DC   0.2-1.0 %



  • AK-47   0.2%
  • AC/DC  13-19%


Immediate Effects

  • AK-47     You feel the music, inspiring, cerebral, appetite enhancer
  • AC/DC    Pain and stress reducer, anxiety killer, general feeling of well being



AC/DC is a Sativa-dominant phenotype of Cannatonic, the high-CBD strain,. The THC:CBD ratio is an incredible 1:20, making this one of the most potent non-psychoactive marijuana strains on the market.  The highest reported CBD measurement was pegged at almost 20%!  This strongly medicinal herb is now in great demand to treat pain, anxiety, stress, psychological conditions, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and negate the effects of chemotherapy, without getting high.


AK-47 is a Sativa-dominate hybrid of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani strains.  AK-47’s bouquet is sour and musky with floral overtones.  This strain defies its Military name, rather the mood created by AK-47 is mellow.  Perhaps the name is a jokingly refers to getting shot by a high power weapon as this weed can nail some people to the couch.  Side effects include dry mouth, dizziness and paranoia.  So until you have a handle on the potency, don't smoke too much.



Approximate Cannabinoid Profile     




Cannabinoid              AC/DC                                     AK-47                                      

CBD                            13-17%                                    0.2%

?9 THC                       0.1-1.0 %                                 15-20%

CBC                            0.2 %                                       0.1%   
CBG                            0.4%                                        0.1%
?8-THC                        nil %                                        nil
CBN                            nil %                                        nil

Results are total and includes both acid and carboxylated forms.
Other Cannabinoids are in trace quantity.

Terpene Profile                                         

Terpene                      AC/DC                                     AK-47   

Myrcene                      0.68%                                      0.22%
alpha-Pinene               0.70%                                      nil

Caryophyllene             0.21%                                      0.73%

Humulene                    nil                                            0.96%

Total                            1.59%                                      1.91%


Other terpenes are in trace quantities.



"This strain is amazing! If you're expecting to get "high" of this weed then it's not the strain for you. This weed will relax your mind take the anxiety and stress away. It's the most relaxing bud I've smoked." -  5 stars! 602 Bird Gang! PHX


"I just tried AC DC for the first time an its great. I have a herniated disc which is setting off my sciatic nerve so I'm pretty much in pain all day but I also have kids so I don't like being stoned around then I've used tropicals but this is my favorite I highly recommend this strain".- Ramirez553


"I tried AC/DC for the first time a few months back. I am suffering from quite a bit of nerve pain from having back surgery. This is the first time I have smoked and I will say the AC/DC is amazing." - Patty


"I suffer from anxiety so sometimes I smoke marijuana to self medicate. Sometimes The Marijuana induces greater anxiety and sometimes with other strains it completely helps me. For years i didn't know why. I've read about the AC/DC strain. Thanks for making this video, it was straight to the point. I plan on growing high CBD strains in the future with low THC and low CBN.?

I just got an 1/8 of this for Cinco De Mayo and it was on sale for $10 a gram,I had it before from this same dispensary and absolutely love it and would recommend it for pain and anxiety, I have pain from knee surgery and I get anxiety from time to time,great strain and it looks and smells awesome." - Patrick

"I can't possible say enough about AC/DC .... if u think CBD can help you ( and most people don't realize there's something it could help with) ... THEN TRY IT there is NOTHING like the anxiety relief it provides and much like an inhaler for an asthma, it works in mere seconds a lot of times Yes it's true you won't get "high" ( and i DO smoke other for med AND rec purposes)" -  Krawnik-707


Smoking grass and the munchies go together like peas and carrots - so it must lead to weight gain, right?  No, not necessarily..


"AC/DC is a great 20:1 strain. It's anti-inflammatory and calming focus has made it my go to medicine. I prefer our whole flower, organic olive oil tincture.". - Captain see Medical Jane




"Walked on the streets for over 2 hours while listening to music. Very uplifting out of body experience. You also start to get very creative. Your mind is overflowing with ideas. You can also feel the wind very nicely. Wind makes you tingly. Everything seems like a dream or footage of a music video. Can make you a little dizzy sometimes. Makes you very relaxed to the point you would easily sleep. You FEEL the music. Music is heaven with this strain, especially 90s rock or any music you listened to as a kid." - Guest


"A classic strain really good for hash and oil making." - Bud Barron


"I have degenerative arthritis in C1 through C5 and basically will loose use of my hands in the near future, but when I smoke this (illegally cause the doc won't give me a script)most of my symptoms are relieved and I get to live normal for a few hours...." - not saying


"This bud is fantastic with a capital F. The smoke was strong and full, as was the effect. Hit me like OJ Simpson hit his wife, quick, strong, and without a smidge of remorse. Perfect way to end an otherwise unremarkable day. This bud gets the job done. Just wish it lasted a bit longer." -  George


"yo my nigga this sheeet got me high as fuck jheeeeeeeeeeeeeeze" - Not saying


"Very good cannabis to smoke, makes you tired if you're doing nothing, makes you work hard when you doing something like me doing this, doing it to gain more knowledge the Ganja is the food for the brain, we & all living things have cannabis receptors in the brain but it's us who need to use our brain more as we are the smartest species.. humans were only an experiment, our souls are from space where there is no time, but we have been given bodies we desired we are all aliens aliens means a lie ..this is all a dream we are living in weird but yes it is, best dream of ya life huh weird but wow great." - Guest


'Whew!!!!nope, no loss of appetite here! Think I ate the folks I stayed without of house and home and STILL looking for more food!!! I've never been a munchie person, in fact its made me more into exercising, eating healthier, much clearer thinking, and astonishingly motivated!!! I was a comatose couch potato requiring couch-side service. Who has any better idea of strands for my needs....14 lbs later." - Driving MIss Daisy


"Finally got my hands on the strain a few weeks ago and I have to say that 1. It has a tangy almost fruity flavor. 2. This will get you higher than a b52 bomber. And 3. The hits are all so smooth it has a nice thick looking smoke but at the same time you're not being overwhelmed. Overall just a great strain." - Guest


420EvaluationsOnline: If you would like to try AC/DC or AK-47 to see which is best to treat your conditions and symptoms you can get a legal permit here.  We provide Medical Cannabis Doctor Recommendations that allow you to purchase MMJ from any Dispensary in California. The process is done completely online and takes only a few minutes of your time.



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