Fake News - The 420 Fight That Never Happened


Fake News - The 420 Fight That Never Happened


The results were very surprising.


420 Day was joyfully celebrated last Thursday across the free world.  Just days before, Donald Trump appointed swamp monster Tom Marino as the new drug czar.  Marino's rhetoric about marijuana is straight out of a B rated 1950's movie.  There is no acumen, there is no knowledge, there is only diatribe.  Tom acts as if marijuana is this new thing which needs to be studied.   Unlike past decades, that narrative gets no buyers.  


Tom must be unaware that the Federal Government sponsored a massive research effort  by Dr. Mechoulam, who concluded that marijuana had very interesting medical properties and the components of marijuana were of very low toxicity.  Dr. Merchoulam's research became the platform for Israel's current medical marijuana program, which is highly utilized by the country's military today.  Mr. Marino is unaware of the patents that the Federal Government has taken out - for the treatment of disease with cannabis.   


An out of touch guy like Tom Marino has said, and is probably going to say, marijuana, it's much more dangerous than you think, there is more violence associated with it than you think.  


In light of the above, we decided to throw some 420 day statistics out there, and let friends and foes alike chew on the data.  


An old photo, fodder for Fake News.


A hippy fight that has nothing to do with 420 Day.  It is from 2013 featuring a guitar man who was not observed partaking in the smoking festivities...  This kind of photo is recycled to propagate the ridiculous myth that marijuana is associated with violence.  Rather, it is a THE herb of peace.  Police and prison guards, of course, know this very well the truth.  People on alcohol are a problem,  People on amphetamines and crack are a problem.  People on marijuana are not a problem, and in fact are much easier to deal with than citizens that do not partake.   Politicians at the Federal level however, don't realize that their anti-marijuana diatribe gig is up.  Reefer Madness speak does not cut it anymore, because as the population has aged, most everyone knows that weed is anything but dangerous, and it's rapidly becoming the favored medicine of senior citizens.   




How do you get a measure of anything?  To answer a question, these days, we all Google, so we simply Googled the term "420 Day" + "fight", and then compared the number of hits with Google of the main "public holidays" plus "fight".  Of course, this kind of survey is not scientific, and many of the hits are irrelevant, but we found this simple technique to be a great truth sniffer.   The results were very surprising.    


Google = 420 Day Fight had zero hits.  Nil, zip, nada, none.  


Under this meter, the most violent day was Black Friday, a shopping holiday.  This means shopping is more violent than marijuana, seventy thousand times more violent according to the Google statistics.  St. Patrick's Day was marginally more violent than Christmas and Thanksgiving.


Halloween turned out to have the second lowest total fight hits.


Halloween, the 4th of July, Easter and Halloween turned out to have a fraction of the fight hits as compared to Christmas and St. Patrick's day.  For fun, we tried a search of "Walmart" + fight, and the fight hits were triple the violence totals of St. Patrick's Day.  


Still, some kind of alterications must happen, no matter what, when tens or hundreds of thousands of people get together in one spot.  It took a lot of searching to find some 420 fistacuffs.  We did find a scuffe back in 2013, and another event with bullets flying,  but even in those rare instances, there were no confirmed pot smokers involved.   


In conclusion, 420 Day appears to be, by a wide margin, the safest holiday, or even day of the year.  Holidays associated with shopping bring out far more violence than drinking, and the so called naughty Days were by far the least violent.  


420 day peace brother and sister




"Black Friday fight"

About 72,600 results (0.83 seconds)


"St. Patrick's Day fight"

About 22,300 results (0.58 seconds)


"Christmas Day fight"

About 15,600 results (0.62 seconds)


"Thanksgiving Day fight"

About 11,500 results (0.78 seconds)


"New Year's Day fight"

About 9,520 results (0.91 seconds)


"Labor Day fight"

About 7,820 results (0.62 seconds)


"Boxing Day fight"

About 3,060 results (0.64 seconds)


"Good Friday fight"

About 2,600 results (0.68 seconds)


"July 4th fight"

About 2,020 results (0.89 seconds)


"Halloween Night fight"

About 1,900 results (0.58 seconds)


"Easter Day fight"

About 1,880 results (0.96 seconds)


"420 day fight"  

No found for "420 day fight"



"Walmart Fight"

About 48,600 results (0.65 seconds)


420 Day Proper

420 Day God Bless America


420 Day Proper #2


420EvaluationsOnline Notes:  In California and Nevada, medical marijuana patients still require MMJ ID to purchase marijuana from licensed dispensaries and delivery services.  A physician is standing by to process your online application.  The process takes only a few minutes and your recommendation and ID card is processed same day.  Clients pay, only if they are approved by our licensed physician.  We also provide grower's permits and recommendation renewals all 100% online.





“We’ve discussed how to end this event, but the reality is that it would break into four or five different events and then we couldn’t control anything.”  Lee compared 4/20 to the Critical Mass bicycle-rights-rides on Market Street and the pillow fights at Justin Herman Plaza.  ” Mayor Ed Lee said, “

Last year, an estimated 15,000 people came to Golden Gate Park for 4/20, up from 10,000 in 2015 and 8,000 in 2014.  To Terrance Alan, the former chairman of the city’s nightlife commission who currently chairs the citizens’ committee advising city leaders on cannabis policy, 2017’s permits and sponsors are milestones.

“The city recognizing the 4/20 event is a major marker along the road to the normalization of cannabis,” Alan said. “Good for San Francisco to show leadership and great for the cannabis community that it can tackle such a complicated event.”


420 Battle Plan


International day for cannabis-related protests and events


April 20 has become an international counterculture holiday, where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis.  Many such events have a political nature to them, advocating the liberalization / legalization of cannabis. Vivian McPeak, a founder of Seattle's Hempfest states that 4/20 is "half celebration and half call to action". Paul Birch calls it a global movement and notes that one can't stop events like these.

On that day many marijuana users protest in civil disobedience by gathering in public to light up at 4:20 p.m.  As marijuana continues to be decriminalized and legalized around the world Steve DeAngelo, cannabis activist and founder of California's Harborside Health Center, notes that "even if our activist work were complete, 420 morphs from a statement of conscience to a celebration of acceptance, of victory, a celebration of our amazing connection with the plant."


420 Revealed -- A Day of Peace


HIGH TIMES Editor-in-Chief Steven Hager visits ABC News to explain the origin and significance of 420 day.  With sales now legal, marijuana lovers take Denver's 420 weekend to new highs.


"It's kind of like being a part of history, I used to want to go to Amsterdam. Now I don't have to."


Coming to the Mile-High City this weekend was the perfect 65 th birthday present for Karen. With her husband, they drove out of the Bible-Belt to experience, first hand what it's like to buy and smoke weed legally. Karen wore a T-shirt featuring an image of María Sabina, a Mexican shaman, puffing a joint, a shirt that, until this 420 day, she never dared to wear outside her Cape Girardeau, Missouri, home.


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