Tourette's Syndrome and Medical Marijuana

"Our results provide more evidence that THC is effective and safe in the treatment of tics."

- Dr. Kirsten Müller-Vahl


Tourettes disorder features aberrant, involuntary and repetitive movements and actions.  While Tourettes is seldom dangerous to others or self harming, Tourette's is above all else, an unwelcome distraction and disruption for sufferers and their families.  Tourettes afflicts young men most, with symptoms generally lessening with.


Examples of the main categories of Tourette's include:

  • Blurting out random insults and profanity
  • Eye tics, blinking
  • Repetitive movements of hands without purpose


"Would you like some coffee?  Fuc& ret*rd cu*t shit head.  Pause...  Yes please."  


Top 5 Medications for Tourette's Syndrome 2015

  • Clonidine
  • Orap   
  • Topamax
  • Catapres
  • Haldol 


Clonidine Side Effects: Drowsiness, dizziness;feeling tired or irritable; dry mouth, loss of appetite; constipation; dry eyes, contact lens discomfort; or sleep problems (insomnia), nightmares. - Source:


How Tourette's Drug Side Effects Cause Serious Harm - Information and Statistics


Doctors - How Medical Marijuana helps in Tourette's

"A number of individuals with severe Tourette’s regularly use marijuana and report that it calms them and eases their tics. And a few randomized clinical trials of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, have been carried out. Some of the investigators are convinced that THC and related compounds in marijuana called cannabinoids are helpful; others are more equivocal."  - Dr. King and Dr. Leckman


"THC Is Effective in the Treatment of Tics in Tourette Syndrome: A 6-Week Randomized Trial.  Our results provide more evidence that THC is effective and safe in the treatment of tics. It, therefore, can be hypothesized that the central cannabinoid receptor system might play a role in TS pathology."  - Kirsten Müller-Vahl, MD


"Clinical studies have shown that marijuana can be effective in relieving the symptoms of this disease" - Paul Kuhn, Nashville   


420EvaluationsOnline:  Tourettes sufferers can be evaluated completely online for Medical Marijuana use.  In this Telehealth process, you don't have to leave home and a licensed California doctor will review / approve your online application same day.  


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The Preacher With Tourettes

"I was growling pretty loud with only my two year old son and myself in the house. He turns to me and asks 'Daddy, are you a lion?"


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