Migraines and Medical Marijuana

Migraine Headaches  

If you have pulsing pain in your head, you're nauseous and vomiting, can barely see or speak, then you:

a)         were in a boxing match and lost

b)         got hit by a truck

c)         have a migraine headache


Migraine classic symptoms include PAIN, pulsing sensation, flashes of light, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sound and everything else.

90% of Migraines respond to a pain killer coupled with deep hydration (drinking) of an electrolyte solution with major portions of sodium chloride and some potassium, calcium and magnesium salts.   The major issue with pharmaceutical pain killers are that they are generally quite toxic and addictive.  It is never recommended that patients take painkillers on a prolonged basis, however, they often do, and this fact is reflected in the many thousands of drug related deaths.


"Not to get technical, but a Marijuana Tincture is a solution." - Longjack



  • Blurred vision, see light flashes and spots
  • Lightheadedness or fainting
  • Sensation of Pins and needles
  • Speech difficulties


"When I get a headache, I take three Advil, and keep away from children, just as the bottle says." 


Top 5 Medications for Migraine 2015

  • Sumatriptan    
  • Imitrex
  • Maxalt
  • Relpax
  • Amerge


Side Effects - Sumatriptan may cause drowsiness or dizziness. These effects may be worse if you take it with alcohol or certain medicines. Overuse of sumatriptan can cause your headache to become worse. Rarely, serious and sometimes fatal heart problems (eg, heart attack, irregular heartbeat) have happened within a few hours of using Sumatriptan. Contact your doctor at once if fast or irregular heartbeat; chest, throat, jaw, or neck tightness, pain, pressure, or heaviness; breaking out in a cold sweat; shortness of breath; numbness or tingling of an arm or leg; severe stomach pain, dizziness, or vomiting; or fainting occur. Source:


How Migraine Drug Side Effects Cause Problems Including Death - Information and Statistics


"I think I have a headache, therefore I exist - in pain." - Longjack


Patient Testimonials - How Medical Cannabis helped my Migraines

" It had never seriously occurred to me that people were using Marijuana like this.  About a year ago, a friend suggested that I try a CBD mouth spray for my headaches. I was all ears, as she told me it was a great painkiller, and it didn't make her tired, so she could go to work." - Not Telling


"I find Cannabis cuts my migraine symptoms by 80 percent and lasts for a few hours. With a Vap I can keep things under control. It's an absolute godsend."  - blogger


"I realized I was using more Xanax on a regular basis. I took time off work to get off it. Without the knowledge I was addicted, I went ‘cold turkey.’ For four days and nights I was bedridden. I didn’t sleep or eat. I vomited. I had hallucinations. On about the third day without Xanax I started to become uncoordinated and unbalanced and bumped into things. On about the fourth day I became really worried when I started having twitching sensations.”  - Patricia


"Sometimes, I wonder where my place in this town called 'Hollywood' is - and that can give you a really dull headache."  - Pierce Brosnan


Doctor's Explain How Medical Marijuana Stops Migraine Pain

“A review of 38 published randomized controlled trials evaluating cannabinoids in pain management revealed that 71 percent concluded that cannabinoids had empirically demonstrable and statistically significant pain-relieving effects.” - Dr. Eric P. Baron


"The frequency of migraine headache was decreased with Medical Marijuana use. Prospective studies should be conducted to explore a cause-and-effect relationship and the use of different strains, formulations, and doses of marijuana to better understand the effects of medical marijuana on migraine headache treatment and prophylaxis."  - Dr. Danielle N. Rhyne


420EvaluationsOnline:  Migraine and headache sufferers in California can get a Legal Recommendation for Medical Cannabis here, 100% online.  Telehealth, or online medicine - for most ROUTINE applications-  is the cheapest, fastest and often best form of health care.    Lean more.



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