Epilepsy and Medical Marijuana

"We had exhausted all of her treatment options, except cannabis. Using a low THC - high CBD MMJ Med, she didn't have those three, four seizures that first hour, then the seizures stopped for another hour and then for the following seven days."  Dr. Margaret Gedde

If you have Epilepsy, you qualify under California law for a MMJ Recommendation. 


Epilepsy is a neurological disorder where deviant nerves intermittently disrupt control signals to the muscles, causing seizures and / or aberrant behavior.  Seizures, like earthquakes range in strength, from freezing for a few seconds, to twitching spasms, to massive convulsions that can cause unconsciousness.  All seizures are potentially dangerous, as even temporary loss of control can prove to be disastrous while driving, swimming, flying a jet.


“I had the blues because I had no shoes, until upon the street; I met a man who had no feet.” 

- Persian Saying



  • Temporary confusion
  • Staring spell, freeze
  • Uncontrollable twitching & jerking of limbs
  • Unconsciousness or unaware
  • Psychotic behavior


“There’s a part of the human brain, the temporal lobe, that is associated with religious experiences as well as with epilepsy.”  - Ken MacLeod


Top 5 Medications for Seizures (Convulsions) - Epilepsy (2015)

  • Keppra
  • Dilantin           
  • levetiracetam  
  • Trileptal          
  • Vimpat


How Epilepsy Drug Side Effects Cause Death - Information and Statistics


Keppra Toxic Effects : dizziness, drowsiness, feeling tired, weakness, feeling aggressive or irritable; loss of appetite, stuffy nose, infection. Source:



Charlotte, an epileptic, had been close to death so many times. She had substantial brain damage from seizures and very probably by the pharmaceutical medication. Charlotte and her parents agreed.  When you consider the potential risks of the Cannabis in context like that, it's a very easy decision to try Medical Cannabis.

"Charlotte's Mom, Paige found a Denver dispensary with a Cannabis Med, low in THC and high in CBD. The results were stunning. When she didn't have those three, four seizures that first hour, that was the first sign. The seizures stopped for another hour and the following days."
- Dr. Margaret Gedde - paraphrase


“Epilepsy gave her an adversity to fight. It had shaped her personality, the need to be careful and secretive, and the ability to see things a bit differently from the neurotypical. She granted that this feeling of having a broken brain that required her to be sensitive, to always look inward to survive, and that might be why she turned artist.”  - Thomm Quackenbush


"After a three-month period, 261 Epileptic children, 50% experienced a reduction in seizures using oral Marijuana alone - with little to no side effects. In addition, Marijuana stopped seizures completely in a significant number of kids."  - Dr. Orrin Devinsky

"Cannabidiol (CBD), a medical marijuana derivative, was effective in reducing seizure frequency and well-tolerated and safe for most children and young adults." - Langone Medical Center.


420EvaluationsOnline: How can Epileptics get Medical Marijuana legally?  First time or veteran Cannabis users can apply here online.  Our hassle free automated system requires only a few minutes of your time.  The process is 100% online.  After you press send, (your information is completely confidential and is non-incriminating in any case), a real human - a licensed doctor will evaluate your file.   



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"If you're going through hell, keep on going"  - Winston Churchill


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