Cramps and Medical Marijuana

“And I would talk to my older grandkids in their 20s, and they'd say they use weed to stop cramps.”  Whoopi Goldberg

Cramps are are involuntary painful muscular contractions - typically triggered by dehydration and an imbalance in electrolytes - particularly sodium, potassium, calcium and don't forget magnesium.  The onset of cramping is abrupt and generally subsides within a minute or so, but can last for an hour or more.  Abnormal muscle nerve action can be caused by excessive insulin / low blood sugar.

  • “92 percent of women who used Cannabis for morning sickness found it extremely effective in relieving their cramping.”  Tokin Woman

Cramps are most commonly associated with infection, muscle exhaustion, menstruation, diseases of the kidney, gastrointestinal tract, thyroid, and circulatory system.  Other commonly associated conditions include low blood potassium, restless-leg syndrome, varicose veins and MS.

An imbalance in electrolytes - caused by many conditions - drives nerves impulses haywire and short circuit.  This result is painful, aberrant muscle contraction better known as cramping.  In extreme cramping, muscle and nerve damage results. 

Medical Marijuana and Cramps

A major therapeutic component found in Medical Marijuana is called THC has been shown to stop cramps, in both men and women.  THC works by complementing / shoring up the body’s own neurotransmitter chemicals - that ultimately control musculature nerves and the dysfunction seen in cramps. 


Another therapeutic compound found in Cannabis, called CBD helps with cramping and pain - but lacks psychoactive-stoner properties. 

Types of Cramps Treated with Medical Cannabis

  • Skeletal and smooth muscle
  • Nocturnal leg
  • Surgical incisions and drug side effects
  • Menstruation

Marijuana - An Age Old Cure Comes

Your great grandmother most probably had legal access to Marijuana. Prior to 1935, hundreds of thousands of American women used Marijuana based medicines to treat stress, pain, cramps, PMS, among other conditions.

Marijuana was used in ancient Egypt to treat a myriad of women's conditions including cramping. High priests prepared Cannabis elixirs that were rubbed on royal bellies previous to and during the birth of princes and princesses.  In 11th century Europe, Cannabis was used to bring down swelling and relieve pain by mixing herb extracts with fat and then applying it to the breast.  This type of medical application is state of the art today and is used to routinely deliver insulin, estrogens and testosterone.

  • “My ex -wife had really bad period cramping (to the point the doc thought it was endometriosis) and smoking CBD strains, specifically Harlequin, helped the cramping significantly. We always had some on hand for that time of the month.”  Happy Husband of PMS Wife

Queen Victoria‘s doctors kept her functioning by prescribed Marijuana for menstrual pain and cramps. In 19th century America, Docs prescribed Cannabis elixirs to help contractions during birth.  Dr. Wright,  a physician from this period, wrote in his diary; "Marijuana is good to stop hysterical vomiting and that pickle juice (electrolytes) was excellent for recovery."  

Today, many respected researchers have validated Dr. Wright's Pickle-Pot therapy as completely sound; the natural herb relaxes nerves and the juice contains all essential electrolytes.



  • "Women account for 40 percent of annual Cannabis users, according to the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health." Doctors Report: Mental Health Services Admin.
  • "Less than 10% of neurological and pharmacological research is conducted on females in the US but we're working to change that."  Dr. Rebecca Craft
  • "Cannabis-based medicine is effective in cramps, reducing pain and sleep disturbance in patients with multiple sclerosis related central neuropathic pain and is mostly well tolerated".  Dr. Rog DJ
  • "We found evidence that combined THC and CBD extracts may provide therapeutic benefit for cramps and MS spasticity symptoms," Dr. Lakhan


420EvaluationsOnline: Physicians are increasingly finding that Medical Marijuana is an effective remedy for Cramps, Pain and PMS.  Our Telemedicine team provides online Marijuana Consultations, 420 evaluations & MMJ ID Cards that allow our patients legal access to MMJ from any licensed Cannabis Club or Dispensary in the State of California.

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