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This article covers the essentials, what you need-to-know about Cannabis in the hoods of Silicon Beach.

  • Where can I get Good Medical Marijuana in San Diego?
  • What is the latest news, what are the politicians talking about that might affect me?
  • How can I buy Medical Cannabis legally?
  • How can I get a 420 Medical Marijuana Doctor evaluation?
  • Is there a nearby place I can get a Cannabis ID card?
  • Can I get Marijuana delivered to my home?
  • Can I grow weed at home?
  • What are the latest laws concerning permits and ordinances?
medical marijuana doctor SAN DIEGO medical marijuana renewal SAN DIEGO


About San Diego

With a population of about 1,400,00 million San Diego is the second largest city in California eighth largest in the nation.  The San Diego–Tijuana transborder agglomeration has a population of about 5 million people.

Diego MMJ Factoids:

  • MMJ ID Cards issued till 2015 = 3804
  • Medical Cannabis Recommendations = Est. 38,000

The San Diego site visited by the Spanish, dating way back to 1542.  In 1821, San Diego became part of Mexico. After the Mexican-American war and in 1850, it became part of the US. 

Daygo is know as a fun laid back place, with its world class diving, beaches and perfect weather. 

For much if it's history, San Diego remained a laid back out of the way place. That is, until the Railroad came in 1878 when Daygo joined the rest of California in its trek into the future.

Motion City is not without it's serious site, it caters to the Navy and industrial military complex big time.  And, America's finest city is among the leaders in healthcare, biotech and IT.

SAN DIEGO medical marijuana card


A moratorium was placed on new Medical Marijuana Operations in March 2016 effective in the County - but not inside city limits. 

  • “The city is the only jurisdiction within the county that allows medical marijuana collectives to apply for the various approvals needed to operate a legal dispensary or cultivation site.”

San Diego City Municipal Code allows up to 1 lb of marijuana, 24 plants in 64 square feet indoor, no outdoors growing is allowed, except in "a fully enclosed yard with a minimum six foot fence perimeter or a greenhouse or structure that must be locked or contained."

Disclaimer:  Before taking action, readers should refer to San Diego's official website,  or the original source,  to ultimately verify the accuracy of statements made herein.



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Top Ranked MEDICAL CANNABIS Dispensaries and Clubs in San Diego, Ca

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San Diego-based Med-West Distribution, which manufactured Cannabis oil for medical use was raided on Jan. 2016, after police received a "tip" that the company was illegally producing and distributing. Security footage shows roughly two dozen law enforcement officers with helmets, body armor and assault weapons, raiding the business. Employees were handcuffed and detained and then released.

The raid came as a complete shock to Mr. Slatic, Med-West CEO.

As of May, 2016, there were no charges filed, neither were seized assets and cash returned. This would seem to be a case of being assumed guilty until proven innocent.  Even his daughter's accounts were drained of their college funds.

Mr Slatic says the company will be fighting the case as best they can, despite having most of their money confiscated.

“We just thought that we were part of the responsible marijuana industry,” Slatic said.

With no money to pay employees, they closed operations in San Diego and Static say's we'll never reopen there given the DA’s office heavy handed crackdown on medical marijuana industry.  Med-West Plans to reestablish their business somewhere else as soon as possible.


  • "For the first time in history, the cultivation of medical marijuana is considered to be allowed and regulated within city limits." - Mayor Kevin Faulconer

Major Kevin recently proposed a sizable budget to be set aside to shut down illegal Marijuana Dispensaries. However, the police chief seems to have everything under control.  Read on.

  • "In a collective, you can grow on behalf of the members. We are approximately 7000 members," - Big Plans for San Diego - OutCo Labs, CEO Lincoln Fish

In 2015m San Diego Police busted a dispensary operating illegally.  The dispensary in question was ordered to reimburse the city's code enforcement division $1,065 in investigation costs and pay a currently undetermined amount of litigation costs totaling a whopping $1.8 mil.

  • "The judges are sending a message, and so are we: Marijuana dispensaries can either follow the law or they will pay a high price for their actions." - City Atty. Jan Goldsmith
  • "This illustrates why San Diego's method for closing illegal marijuana dispensaries has proven so successful." - Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman


San Diego establishes marijuana cultivation rules

Legal Medical Marijuana Company Fights Back After Police Raid Cripples Its Business


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medical marijuana clinic SAN DIEGO

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medical marijuana clinic SAN DIEGO

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