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"We don't want no trouble in River City." - Gone with the Wind

In this article we talk about everything Marijuana in Riverside.  We answer the FAQ questions;

  • Where can I get quality marijuana legally.
  • Where can I buy a good vape.
  • How can I get a legal doctor's recommendation to use medicinal cannabis in Riverside?
  • What are the local bylaws that affect every toker in Riverside.
  • How can I become a legal Medical Marijuana patient?
  • Where can I find a Cannabis collective in town?
  • Is there a nearby place I can get a Cannabis ID card?
  • Can I get Marijuana delivered to my home?
  • Where is a nearby dispensary with lab tested Marijuana?
  • Can I grow weed at home?
  • How can I get a Doctor's recommendation and growers permit?
  • Where can I find a good Medical Marijuana lawyer in the city?
medical marijuana renewal RIVERSIDE RIVERSIDE medical marijuana card

About Riverside

The city of Arts and Innovation is located in the Inland Empire metro area.  Riverside gets its name from, you guessed it residing on the bank of the Santa Ana River. With a population of 330,000 (2016)  it is the 12th largest municipality in California.  The Inland Empire metro area boasts a population of about 1.4 million people ranking 24th largest in the US of A.

Riverside was settled in the mid 1800's as a farming community.  Riverside is the original Citrus farming community in California.  The City of Trees' outstanding Orange's soon became its major cash crop and claim to fame. Two original navel orange trees can be seen at the city's Citrus State Historic Park.
Not long after incorporation, Riverside attracted investors from the British Empire, who transplanted their "sophisticated" ways and learnings into Inland Empire culture. including a fine assortment of clubs, restaurants, coffee houses and opera.  Victoria Club, the first golf course in Southern California (1903), is the most famous remnant from this period. 

How Can I get a legal Medical Doctor's Recommendation to buy Medical Marijuana? 

Walk in clinics charge between $40 and $140 dollars for a medical Recommendation.  Family doctors can give their patients Medical Marijuana Recommendations but be aware, only a fraction of them know and recommend Medical Cannabis.  The Evaluation process is relatively simple and a these days, technology savvy doctors and patients go online to perform routine medical tasks.  Click here to get or learn more about Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Riverside. 

You can also get a recommendation for Medical Cannabis from your family doctor, but beware, so it is best to go to a doctor who.  You can get a legal doctor's recommendation here online here for under $50.  Click here to Learn more..

medical marijuana clinic RIVERSIDE MMJ Law in Riverside County

For years, Riverside had some of the most restrictive cannabis regulations in the State of California. Prior to 2016, dispensaries, cultivation centers, and at-home grows for patients were banned. When the state allowed the municipalities to  either regulate MMJ themselves or adhere to State guidelines, the city decided to loosen restrictions. 

“The city’s rules would allow medical marijuana patients or caregivers to grow up to eight plants indoors or outdoors on single-family zoned property. The city would require a license and charge a fee to people planning to grow medical marijuana.” - City Official


WE DON'T WANT NO TROUBLE IN RIVER CITY: Mobile Marijuana Dispensing is prohibited in the City of Riverside. No person shall locate, operate, own, suffer, allow to be operated or aid, abet or assist in the operation of any Mobile Marijuana Dispensary within the City.

Click on the title to find yourself a MMJ lawyer in River City.  Medical Cannabis Lawyers in Riverside: California NORML, perhaps the state's number one leading MMJ advocate, provides a list of Lawyers that specialize in all forms of Medical Marijuana law, possession, criminal charges, licensing and permits, the gambit.   Regarding Prop 19 relating to local legalization of Marijuana, allowing local governments to police, impose govern, collect marijuana taxes & fees;

Riverside officials that voted against Proposition 19.(Feb, 2016)

  • Stan Sniff — Sheriff, Riverside County
  • Jacqueline Jackson — Deputy District Attorney, Riverside County

Riverside is on the List of Cities & Countries that banned commercial Cannabis in California.


  • Purpose
  • Applicability and Permit Requirements
  • Site Location, Operation, and Development Standards
  • Other Applicable Regulations
  • Voiding of Marijuana Cultivation License

Riverside Residents Oppose Legalizing Marijuana Dispensaries, Poll Finds

"A majority of Riverside residents, up to 67 percent oppose a measure legalizing marijuana dispensaries according to a poll commissioned by the City of Riverside. Opposition grew as people learned more about the Weed measures."

In the News

Illegal Grow Operation Uncovered in Riverside  May 2016

"After searching  investigators concluded that the operation was in violation of the law to legally cultivating marijuana for the purposes of profit.”

RIVERSIDE: 4 city issues that matter in the mayor's race May 14, 2016.

"Riverside doesn't allow dispensaries, but candidates for mayor are split on whether the city should rethink the issue - if recreational pot is legalized in the State."

Bernie Sanders rallies in downtown Riverside  May 2016

UNCLE BERNIE COMES TO TOWN:  "Sanders was met with much enthusiasm from a definitely pro-marijuana crowd.  Sanders expressed his dissatisfaction over laws regarding California Schedule I, that classified recreational marijuana use as a controlled substance without proven medical efficacy. "

“You can argue about the pluses and minuses of marijuana but nobody that I know should equate marijuana with heroin, which is a killer drug.”

Sprawling Marijuana Cultivation Facility Proposed in Riverside May 23, 2016

CONDOS ARE COOL. "The city council approved a $378,000 land sale last week for a series of condominiums leased to individuals who are licensed to grow medicinal marijuana!"


Telehealth - Cannabis Doctors Online - Recommendations, Growers Permits, ID

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Where to find Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Dispensaries and Weed Peripherals near Riverside

medical marijuana evaluations RIVERSIDE

 Top Shelf MMJ Businesses in Riverside.


30 Cap Collective - Riverside, CA

MTHC - Jurupa Valley, CA

United Caregivers Group - Dispensary - Riverside, CA

Marijuana Dispensaries Near Me in Jurupa Valley, CA   

Peoples MC - Delivery Service - Riverside, CA   

Golden Valley Collective - Dispensary - Riverside

DTPC - Riverside/ Mira Loma - Dispensary - Jurupa Valley, CA


medical marijuana evaluations RIVERSIDE

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medical marijuana evaluations RIVERSIDE

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