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With a population of almost 300,000 people (2016), Irvine is the the 17th largest city in California.

Irvine has no shortage of intellectuals, with a notable presence in the IT and semiconductor sectors.  Irvine is a big college town too, with a host of notable schools like USC, UCI, CSUF.

Like a lot of Californian cities, Irvine started off as a Mexican ranch.  As Mexican domination of the area collapsed with the war, the ranch fell into American hands. The original deed was an incredible 150 square miles stretching all the way to the Ocean. A Mr. James Irvine and company bought the parcel and then leased the lands to sheep farmers. In time, the ranch turned into a settlement which grew into a town.  Soon after the arrival of the railroad, Irvine grew into a city sized entity.  Strangely, the people waited until 1971 to formally incorporate.

Irvine made a radical transformation from no man's land, to ranchland to a hot suburban property development into the happening intellectual IT city of today.

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Did you know?  A crazy fact is that until 1959 the majority of Irvine lands was still held by the Irvine family.  Upon family boss's death in 1959, the company sold their lands to the state for $1.  


Official Townhall Website. - Check latest changes in Marijuana Policy, Cannabis Ordinances, permitS and other MMJ city info.

Irvine bans marijuana dispensaries, delivery and cultivation Jan. 13, 2016.   “Dispensaries are not authorized in the City of Irvine because we do not issue licenses for businesses that plan to operate in a way that is inconsistent with state and federal law.”

Council Reconsiders Allowing Pot Deliveries Feb 2016.  "He’s so concerned he could get busted, I said to him, ‘You’re 72 years old and somebody’s going to pull up to your house and they’re going to bust you when you’ve got cancer?  If they bust ya, I’ll come get ya out. I’ll put up your bail.”

Police And Prison Guards Fight Calif. Marijuana Legalization With Big Money.  "Legalization supporters have far outstripped opponents when it comes to fundraising, gathering $2.25 million into their war chest by February. $1 million from billionaire Napster co-founder Sean Parker and $500,000 from the Irvine-based company Weedmaps.”

Public health effects of legalized marijuana.  "In states with a medical marijuana program, a July 2015 study by the Rand Corporation and the University of California-Irvine found reductions in both fatal overdoses from opioids -- some as high as 33 percent after five years and admissions to addiction centers relating to opioids abuse. Beginning in 2010, the study found a 25 percent average reduction in opioids fatalities in 10 states with a medical marijuana program, including Colorado and Washington where the results improved following full legalization."


Irvine-Based Company Launches Coachella-Branded Cannabis Project.   A former Irvine Ranch is transformed into a world leader in Medical Cannabis.  "The city of Coachella, however, has established an ordinance that has the potential to make it the front-runner in cultivation practices, thanks to Irvine based marijuana branding and tech company, Cultivation Technologies. The project encompasses four 22,000 square foot cultivation facilities. The 88,000 square foot desert compound is unique because it includes the entire supply chain: Cultivation, manufacturing, testing, distribution and transportation. In other words, once the flower, or raw cannabis, is grown it doesn't need to be shipped anywhere for the next steps to occur."

Papa Ganja Delivery.  "Irvine – We are NO longer accepting Members from Irvine due to Irvine City Council voting 5-0 and passing their ordinance prohibiting licensing for the cultivation, sale and delivery of medical marijuana in the city."

First, Weedmaps Took Over California's Medical-Marijuana Industry. Now, It's Going Global.

Irvine Marijuana E-promotion powerhouse set to conquer the world.   "Inside his first-floor office, Doug Francis, the company's newly appointed CEO, is proudly pointing at his fully stocked Vinotemp wine refrigerator, which has a few extra bottles standing on top of it. "Weed and wine are essential," he says. "

“Opioid painkillers cause chronic pain” stories reveal the long term agony.  Irvine researcher comments on what a BITCH opiates are.  

The sad truth about Opioid painkillers.  It's like going to a loan shark for money.  You are liquid today, but come payback time, you can get your legs broken or worse.  Or maybe you can compare it to drinking to relax after work.  The following day you have a bad hangover and fall behind at work and life is more stressful than ever.  A favorable comparison is made with MMJ component CBD :

"The finding certainly shouldn’t be the basis for withholding opioids from people in pain, says Catherine Cahill, a neuroscientist at the University of California, Irvine. These drugs also work to block the emotional component of pain in the brain, she notes—a form of relief this study doesn’t account for. And opioids might not prolong pain in humans the way they did in these rats, she says, because the dosing of morphine and its quick cessation likely caused repeated withdrawal that can increase stress and inflammation."

Anything Technologies Media Signs Licensing Agreement to Distribute State of the Art Custom Grow Containers in Northern California.  Yet more evidence that Irvine is on the cutting edge of the Medical Marijuana business.

California Cannabis Legalization to Bring Massive Economic Impact.  It is now official: A measure to legalize adult-use or “recreational” cannabis will be on the ballot this November in California. A coalition, that includes former Facebook President Sean Parker, has collected 600,000 signatures, more than enough to qualify the initiative.

There are varying forecasts about the size of the California cannabis market if legalization passes, ranging from just $2 billion to over $10 billion. The largest variable is the price of marijuana, which estimates place from $320 per ounce, all the way down to $64 per ounce, driven by supply and demand. Currently, medical marijuana sales in California last year hit $2.7 billion, and account for nearly half of all legal marijuana sales in the country.


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