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 medical marijuana renewal HUNTINGTON BEACH

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"Did you hear about the guy who was new to Huntington Beach? He got pulled over because his tide chart was expired."

In this article about  Surf City, we answer the important questions about Cannabis.

  • Where and how can I buy lab tested Medical Marijuana?
  • What are the local laws concerning Cannabis?
  • Where can I find a Clinic or MMJ Doctor?
  • How can I find a good dispensary?
  • Where can I find a Cannabis collective in town?
  • How can I get a 420 Medical Marijuana Doctor evaluation?
  • Is there a nearby place I can get a Cannabis ID card?
  • Where is a nearby dispensary with lab tested Marijuana?
  • Can I grow weed at home?
  • Where can I find a good Medical Marijuana lawyer in the city?

With a population of about 200,000 in 2016, Huntington Beach is the 24th largest city in California.  This beach town is known for its excellent surfing and laid back lifestyle.  The weather and ocean conditions. storms, currents, El Nino,  conspire nicely to deliver consistently great surf.   This truly is a town that loves life on the sand.

Did you know this utterly, completely useless fact? The 2005, United States Olympic surf team named Huntington Beach it's official hometown.

In the 1800's Surf city was originally cowboy country.  A too weird not to be true fact is that that time, Huntington real estate was going cheap at near giveaway prices (less than $1 an acre).  With the gold and oil that were later discovered, the Huntington land grab turned out to be the deal of the century.  Old oil rigs still dot the city.

The old cattle route ran up the beach thru to a number of local Rancho's.  The cattle route was called Shell Beach and then Gospel Swamp, then Fairfield, Pacific City until the berg was finally named after the Railway Man Henry Huntington.  Incorporated in 1909,  Huntington Company, now wholly owned by Chevron, is the major landholder in the county.

The top employers in Huntington are in the aerospace and electronic industries;

  • Boeing
  • Quiksilver
  • Cambro Manufacturing
  • Ensign United States Drilling
  • C & D Aerospace
  • Huntington Beach Hospital
  • Walters Wholesale Electronics
  • Rainbow Disposal


CALIFORNIA NORML - Find a MMJ lawyer in Huntington Beach Huntington Beach

Dan Riffle - MMJ Law
[email protected]

20320 S.W. Birch Street Second Floor Newport Beach CA 92660

Vincent J. La Barbera Jr. - MMJ Law
(714) 541-9668
[email protected]
4100 Newport Place Dr. Suite 620, Newport Beach 92660

William J. Duffy - MMJ Law
(888) 486-7486
19600 Fairchild Road, Ste. 100 Irvine CA 92612

medical marijuana renewal Huntington Beach Huntington Beach Town Hall on Medical Marijuana, Permits, Ordinances, rules and regulations:


In March 2015, the City Council directed staff to prepare an Ordinance amending the HBZSO by adding expressly articulated language to the HBZSO that medical marijuana dispensaries are a prohibited non-profit, for-profit, retail, commercial, or otherwise, use in the City.

HUNTINGTON BEACH - PLANNING & BUILDING DEPARTMENT PLANNING APPLICATIONS – 2015  Appeal of the City’s decision to deny zoning approval for a medical marijuana dispensary.

Disclaimer:  Before acting on any marijuana related issue under discussed here, it is recommended that the reader confirm the ultimate accuracy of the information provided herein.  Check with the City on their official website first to confirm key issues, permits, startups, ordinances and other MMJ matters.  If you are involved in a serious marijuana crime or plan to invest in the local Cannabis industry, it is strongly advised that you contact a lawyer that specializes in California Cannabis Law.



21 arrested after California police uncover $126 million telemarketing scheme - 2016

“A suspected $126 million telemarketing scheme uncovered by Huntington Beach investigators led authorities on Tuesday morning to arrest 21 people accused of defrauding small businesses and charities by selling them overpriced toner for printers and photocopiers. Those taken into custody by the federal agents and Huntington Beach police officers were accused in an indictment of targeting more than 50,000 victims.”

- Read more: CLICK HEADER

Weird Huntington Beach - Old Sarge

Sarge also known as Major Von Luckner III was one of the Marine Corp Devil Dogs. He was a German Shepherd who served in World War II and was officially credited with saving the lives of nine people during the fighting in the South Pacific. He served in the military for five years during which he received nine citations, including a Purple Heart with two clusters and the Silver Star. He was wounded three times and even had a silver plate in his head.

He died in 1961 at the age of 20 and is now buried in a Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery in Huntington Beach. His funeral was a full military one complete with a fifteen gun salute. There is now a statue to him on a pedestal in the cemetery. The pedestal stating: "Dedicated to Old Sarge World War II Hero U.s. Marine Corps." He was believed to be the last of the old World War II dogs.  Read more at Weird California.

Children hospitalized for marijuana poisoning  Jason Davis called the police department and responded to the hospital when he found out the children had consumed the cookies. Davis was aware the cookies contained marijuana when he gave them to his neighbor. Davis does not have a medical marijuana card.  All three children have been released from the hospital.

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List of Cannabis Lawyers specializing in Marijuana Law in Huntington Beach

California NORML's list of fine MMJ lawyers that serve Huntington Beach.

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Where can I find a legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Huntington Beach?

California NORML's pot map of Cannabis suppliers.

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