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In this article we talk about some interesting facts about the city with a focus on the main issue, Marijuana. 

We address the important and  frequently asked questions about MMJ:

  • Where can I buy good legal weed in town?
  • How can I become a legal Medical Marijuana patient?
  • Where can I find a Cannabis collective in town?
  • How can I get a 420 Medical Marijuana Doctor evaluation?
  • Is there a nearby place I can get a Cannabis ID card?
  • Can I get Marijuana delivered to my home?
  • Where is a nearby dispensary with lab tested Marijuana?
  • Can I grow weed at home?
  • What are the latest laws concerning permits and ordinances?
  • How can I get a Doctor's recommendation and growers permit?
  • Where can I find a good Medical Marijuana lawyer in the city?


With a population of about 82,000 people (2016), Hemet is the 87th largest city in California. 

The first inhabitants are documented to be the Cahuilla Tribe.  From the late 18th to early 19th century, Hemet lands were used for cattle grazing by the San Luis Rey Mission.  The settlement's first name was Rancho San Jacinto. 

After the Mexican American war in 1848, local lands fell into Anglo American hands.  In 1887, the great Californian land boom brought investors such as W.F. Whittier and E.L. Mayberry to town, who formed the all powerful Lake Hemet Water Company.

In 1895, the Hemet Dam was built on the San Jacinto River, creating Lake Hemet,  which provided the first really reliable water supply to the Valley. This water system allowed for the development of agriculture throughout the valley. During this time, the area's original inhabitants, the Soboba Cahuilla were unceremoniously dismissed to the Indian reservation

The growing City of Hemet was incorporated in January 1910. With fresh railway service it was easy to bring the San Jacinto Valley's agriculture to market; citrus, apricots, peaches, olives and walnuts. In World War II, the city hosted the Army and Air Force, which brought many jobs to town, particularly in Aerospace.

The 1960's saw large-scale residential development which included retirement communities and mobile home parks.  Twenty years later, single-family homes fueled the real estate market.  Due to the affordability of property and its proximity to Corona and Riverside, Hemet is attractive to people that commute to work while they enjoy the lifestyle of the semi-rural environment of Hemet. 

Today, the top 10 employers in Hemet are:

  • Hemet Unified School District
  • Valley Health System
  • TE Connectivity
  • County of Riverside
  • Walmart Supercenter
  • Gosch Ford, Toyota, Hyundai & Inland Chevrolet
  • City of Hemet
  • ManorCare Health Services
  • Village Healthcare Retirement
  • Stater Bros.
  • McCrometer Inc.
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The Latest Cannabis Ordinances, MMJ Permits, Marijuana Zoning, Meetings and News

This ordinance also brings the City into compliance with California Labor Laws that have changed since the last amendment to this chapter specifically related to smoking in closed places of employment. This ordinance also expands the definition of smoking to include marijuana and electronic smoking devices.

Agenda - Medical Marijuana - 2016


California NORML Medical Marijuana Legal Referral Guide - City of HEMET

Nescher & Associates
(951) 849-9112
[email protected]
Address: PO BOX 792 BEAUMONT CA 92223-0792, California

Law Offices of James M. Taylor
(951) 849-2081
[email protected]
Address: 66 W. Ramsey Street Banning CA 92220

Gloria J Williams of Williams Accounting & Tax Services
(951) 928-6283
[email protected]
Enrolled Agent, licensed to practice before the IRS
Address: PO BOX 270 SUN CITY, CA, 92586, California

MARIJUANA: Cities race to roll out rules for pot use

Important Advisory and Disclaimer:  Before acting on any marijuana related issue under discussed here or otherwise, it is strongly recommended that the reader confirm the ultimate accuracy of their information source.  In many cases, your City Hall official website provides  the important information most people want, permits, startups, ordinances and other MMJ matters.  If you are involved in a serious matter that involves marijuana; criminal, or business;  we advise you to contact a lawyer that specializes in California Cannabis Law and move forward intelligently....


YOUTUBE - Hemet, CA: Shooting at Unlicensed Medical Cannabis Dispensary

A Shooting occurred at a medical cannabis dispensary named “P.R.E.I” at 640 San Jacinto St in Hemet, CA.  According to Hemet Police Department Lieutenant Eric Dickson; the dispensary was unlicensed and a robbery was committed at the location. An investigation is currently underway.

Perris City Declares -“War on Medicine” –Perris City Council Approves Improper Raids of Medical Marijuana Cooperatives - 2015

Perris Code Enforcement served a municipal code abatement warrant using a small army of armed Riverside County Sheriff's deputies to affect the improper forced eviction of 8 to 9 Medical Marijuana Cooperatives. A municipal code is different than a penal code, with municipal codes locally governing anything from business zoning to garage sales.


WEEDMAPS!  Dispensary Storefronts - Delivery Services - Doctors - Nearby Deals - Lab Tested Bud - Strains

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YELP!  Top Ranked Medical Marijuana Dispensaries around Hemet

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Cannabis Telehealth  - 420 Doctors, Recommendations, Evaluations, Cannabis ID Cards, Grower's permits

medical marijuana evaluations HEMET

California NORML's PotMaps - Dispensary, Marijuana Delivery Services and Cannabis Cooperative - Great Lists

medical marijuana evaluations HEMET HEMET CITY MARIJUANA NEWS

HEMET: Man who ran pot dispensary wants property returned

A man who operated a medical marijuana dispensary in Hemet is suing Riverside County, seeking the return of pot, jewelry and other items he claims sheriffâ??s deputies took during an October raid on his former home.

The missing items include gold jewelry that belonged to his late father, a safe, flat-screen TVs and an estimated 250 pounds of marijuana, according to a motion filed Dec. 19 in Riverside County Superior Court.

Hemet, CA, California Smoking tolerance level 3/5

[1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

  • Marijuana prices: Mids-High Mids usually ~4/10 per gram, ~100 per ounce
  • Dank ~300-375 medical ounce
  • Marijuana brands: Shwag sometimes, highschool dealers put oregano in their weed, so only get it from someone you know well.
  • Mids are usually the norm, but sometimes they get passed off as dank to inexperienced smokers.
  • Dank is usually medical quality, from patients selling it. (green crack, haley’s comet, snow cap, trainwreck, grape kush)