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In this article we talk about some interesting facts about the city with a focus on the main issue, Marijuana. 


We address the important and  frequently asked questions about MMJ:


  • Where can I buy good legal weed in town?
  • How can I become a legal Medical Marijuana patient?
  • Where can I find a Cannabis collective in town?
  • How can I get a 420 Medical Marijuana Doctor evaluation?
  • Is there a nearby place I can get a Cannabis ID card?
  • Can I get Marijuana delivered to my home?
  • Where is a nearby dispensary with lab tested Marijuana?
  • Can I grow weed at home?
  • What are the latest laws concerning permits and ordinances?
  • How can I get a Doctor's recommendation and growers permit?
  • Where can I find a good Medical Marijuana lawyer in the city?


About Downey


With a population of about 120,000 (2016), Downey is the 53rd largest city in California.

This little town is famous for many reasons. It is the birthplace of the Apollo Space Program.  The world Famous Carpenters came from Downey.  The oldest operating McDonald's   restaurant is in town.  The city is also home to the first Taco Bell, Harvey's and second Dunkin Doughnuts.


Downey started out as a Spanish Mission founded in 1771.  The Spanish Crown owned the lands    After the Mexican–American War concluded in 1848, many of the Californio ranchos were bought by affluent Anglo-Americans migrating west under the United States manifest destiny doctrine.  These Americans married into established California Spanish families. This migration, in combination with the wave of immigration from the Gold Rush set the stage for the future development of not only Downey, but all of California.

Governor Downey by William F. Cogswell. More than one hundred and forty years ago, Downey milkmen were taking in an excess of $1,000,000 dollars per month.

Downey had a sizable population of emerald islanders (Irish).  Downey was an innovator,  Convinced that citrus would flourish in the climes of Southern California, several varieties of Oranges were imported. They were right, for oranges would become one of the state's largest cash crops.  Today oranges bring in about $800,000 per annum with Marijuana fetching about $5 billion.  Farmers also grew grain, corn, beans and fruit. 

During World War II, factories were built in Downey to build Bombers for the Royal Air Force in 1943.  After the War, Downey would become more of a suburban neighborhood.  For a time, the town had some basic industry to earn its keep, not that's pretty much all gone.


Did you know?


"Vultee Aircraft was Downey's largest employer during World War II, producing 15% of all of America's military aircraft by 1941."


For over seventy years, Downey's Rockwell NASA plant produced and tested greatest aviation, missile, and space hardware. By the 1970s, the facilities encompassed some 200 acres of enclosed area. Eventually budgets were cut (1992) and Rockwell shrank from 30,000 employees to less than 5,000 in 1992 and the seventy-year history of airplane and space vehicle manufacturing came to an end in 1999.


Today the Downey economy is dominated by the public sector, with little core manufacturing, commodities or other essentials being produced in any quantity locally.


  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Stonewood Center
  • Downey Unified School District
  • Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center
  • PIH Health Hospital - Downey
  • Coca-Cola Refreshments
  • Office of Education, County of Los Angeles
  • Lakewood Park Health Center
  • Xpedex
  • Porto's Bakery



medical marijuana clinic DOWNEY

The City of Downey Official Website

The latest Ordinances, News, Permits, Meetings relating to Medical Marijuana.




ORDINANCE - Medical cannabis on the Downey City Code (July 2013)


It is unlawful for any person or entity to own, manage, conduct, or operate any medical marijuana dispensary or to participate as an employee, contractor, agent or volunteer, or in any other manner or capacity, in any medical cannabis dispensary in the City of Downey.


SECTION 9428.02. INTENT AND PURPOSE. It is the intent of these regulations to prohibit medical cannabis dispensaries in order to protect public health, safety, and welfare; and to avoid adverse secondary impacts that are derived by the operation of the mentioned dispensaries.  To read more, click on the title.



BAN - Downey City Council extends ban on medical marijuana dispensaries - 2016


In their first get together in 2016, Downey City Council unanimously voted to amend municipal codes 9428 & 9146, thereby both maintaining and adding to the city’s prohibition on medical cannabis dispensaries. With the council’s recent decision, prohibition on cultivation, delivery, testing, and manufacturing will be added to code 9428.

Code 9428: “it is unlawful to for any person or entity to own, manage, conduct, or operate any medical cannabis dispensary or to participate as an employee, contractor, agent or volunteer, or in any other manner or capacity, in any medical cannabis dispensary in the City of Downey.”


mmj doctor in DOWNEY Marijuana Legal Issues






California NORML's list of MMJ Lawyers and Bondsmen that service Downey


Downey MMJ Lawyer - Jacek W. Lentz and his reputable staff stand by their clients. They won't back down from a challenge and make sure they're fully prepared for an aggressive defense in court. Jacek treats each and every client like a member of his very own family. 


How the DEA should reclassify cannabis


If the Feds were to reclassify Marijuana as an agricultural product, a natural Herb, then the legal problems for citizens, municipalities, states and the Feds would literally evaporate. 


This year was a big moment in the national conversation about cannabis. With a "correct" decision by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, medical cannabis could be legalized in part by the federal government.  This being the case, it would surely usher in a whole new paradigm for marijuana throughout the world.


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Marijuana Products And Services

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YELP! Best Dispensaries in Downey, CA


WEEDMAPS - DOWNEY Dispensaries Delivery, Storefront, MMJ Doctors,Lab-tested Weed, Special Deals on Pot, Cannabis Clubs, Cooperatives



medical marijuana renewal DOWNEY Police - Cannabis Files




Structure Fire & Hazmat Incident at cannabis Grow House - Cole St.  - 2016


LA County Engine 57 responded to a reported roof fire in a Grow-Op in the 7900 block of Cole Street.  Upon arrival Engine 61 found a deep residential lot with smoke emanating from the rear unit.  Downey Police Department, prior to Fire’s arrival, had ensured all residents were safely evacuated.


DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint Planned this Friday  - 2016


Thought Marijuana impairs spatial judgement, it also causes users to think they are more impaired than they actually are.  As a result, Pot smokers tend to drive more slowly and cautiously. As a result, there is no correlation of  traffic accidents with Marijuana use, and that is according to a Federal Study.  Google it.


In any case, the Downey Police Department Traffic Unit, in their wisdom conducted a DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint on June 17, 2016, at an undisclosed location within the city limits between the hours of 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.  In their "wisdom" an alcohol DUI was coupled with a cannabis DUI.

"The deterrent effect of DUI checkpoints is a proven resource in reducing the number of persons killed and injured in alcohol or drug involved crashes.  Research shows that crashes involving an impaired driver can be reduced by up to 20 percent when well-publicized DUI checkpoints and proactive DUI patrols are conducted routinely. DUI Checkpoints are placed in locations based on collision statistics and frequency of DUI arrests, affording the greatest opportunity for achieving drunk and drugged driving deterrence. Locations are chosen with safety considerations for the officers and the public."


DOWNEY medical marijuana card City Cannabis News






LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Marijuana should be legalized so we can have large numbers of lethargic, zombie-like, unproductive individuals populating our nation. Why not? If it feels good, do it!  - 2016


BAN - Just weeks after Downey’s cannabis dispensary ban, a court sides in favor of prohibition laws  - 2016


A Superior Court has sided with Anaheim on the city’s ban of cannabis dispensaries.  Downey on  Aug. 9 enacted a similar ban in its latest anti-cannabis clinic ordinance.

Cities such as Whittier, South El Monte and Los Angeles, crafted laws that regulate medical marijuana dispensaries, while other cities have outlawed the storefront dispensaries altogether.
City attorneys feared a ban would force cities to defend their laws in court, while others argue that state law, while allowing medical marijuana use, cannot not force cities to allow MMJ clinics.

Americans For Safe Access say the state law mandates cities to allow medical marijuana prescription users to safe access to cannabis products from local dispensaries.