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Did you know?  Carlsbad is home to LEGOLAND theme park?  Or that Carlsbad has the nation's biggest desalination plant, costing a cool $1 billion. . 


In this article we talk about some interesting facts about the city with a focus on the main issue, Marijuana. 


We address the important and  frequently asked questions about MMJ:


  • Where can I buy good legal weed in town?
  • How can I become a legal Medical Marijuana patient?
  • Where can I find a Cannabis collective in town?
  • How can I get a 420 Medical Marijuana Doctor evaluation?
  • Is there a nearby place I can get a Cannabis ID card?
  • Can I get Marijuana delivered to my home?
  • Where is a nearby dispensary with lab tested Marijuana?
  • Can I grow weed at home?
  • What are the latest laws concerning permits and ordinances?
  • How can I get a Doctor's recommendation and growers permit?
  • Where can I find a good Medical Marijuana lawyer in the city?


About Carlsbad


With a population of 120,000 (2016), Carlsbad is California's 59th largest city.  "The Village by the Sea" is a famous tourist destination.  The city's recorded history begins with the arrival of the Spanish in 1769.  After the exodus of the Spanish in 1850 with the US win of the Mexican war, a sailor man named John Frazier dug a well and sold water at the train station.  Frazier dug a second well and the "lab" testing showed that it was chemically similar to the famous Spa in Karlsbad of the Czech republic.

It was the water business that first put Carlsbad on the map.  With clever marketing, the visitors came.  Meanwhile, fantastic crops of citrus, avocados and olives added to create an exotic Mediterranean realm.  Agriculture would always be Carlsbad's ace in the hole when the economy turned sour.  You could farm and you could eat.  Something unfortunately most cities cannot claim.

"Carlsbad has great beaches which are frequented by people of all ages. There are many bars and restaurants in an area called the Village, along Carlsbad Village Drive.  There are two community colleges within fifteen miles of Carlsbad with many offerings."  - Blogger Jeff, who loves his hometown

Carlsbad was incorporated to avoid takeover  by neighboring Oceanside In 1952,
In 1982, the airport was annexed from Palomar  to the City of Carlsbad in 1978 and renamed McClellan-Palomar Airport.   A newly constructed a super clean energy Encina Power Plant (natural gas) which is scheduled for completion in 2016.

  • ViaSat
  • Life Technologies Corporation
  • Legoland California
  • Carlsbad Unified School District
  • Omni La Costa Resort and Spa
  • TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Company
  • SGN Nutrition
  • Gemological Institute of America
  • City of Carlsbad
  • Optum


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Official Carlsbad Website

The latest Marijuana Ordinances - Permits - Meetings - News




City set to ban pot delivery businesses - 2015-2016


Oceanside is expected to say “no” to medical marijuana delivery and cultivation services in the city with a new ordinance set for a vote during Wednesday’s City Council meeting.

The city has a history of strict policies against pot shops and has consistently cracked down on those that open illegally. The proposed ordinance is aimed at preempting state regulations that will go into effect soon giving permits to businesses that grow and deliver medical marijuana.

“I support this because if we don’t do it, we let the state decide for us what to do,” - Deputy Mayor Chuck Lowery


Oceanside Looks To Ban Medical Pot Deliveries, Dispensaries, 2016


The Oceanside City Council will vote Wednesday to ban medical marijuana dispensaries, commercial cultivation and delivery before state regulations take effect in March.

Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood said city rules will not stop patients' access to the drug.

Wednesday to ban medical marijuana dispensaries, commercial cultivation and delivery.
“Medical marijuana is still there, they can get it,” Wood said. “We just don't want Oceanside distributing it right now.”


Oceanside Looks To Ban Medical Pot Deliveries, Dispensaries, 2016


San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said more search warrants were being prepared that could result in future raids.  A promised crackdown on the remaining operators of illegal marijuana dispensaries in San Diego is underway, with operators of three facilities facing criminal proceedings, city officials announced Friday.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said the crackdown would focus on "hardcore" dispensary operators and landlords who are defying city zoning laws and court orders to shut down.


Oceanside Bans Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, in-Town Delivery Services, 2016

Businesses from out of the city can still deliver to their ill customers that reside in Oceanside.


Carlsbad City Hall No Place For Apologies, 2016


Mayor Matt Hall called for peace in the city at the Carlsbad City Council’s meeting,

“If an apology is what it takes to bring us all back together I will say that 1,000 times. I realize there was a difference in this and I realize the passion for what you believe in. But right now I think the best thing for us is to come back together. That’s what separates Carlsbad from any other city in North County. It’s allowed us to go through a lot of different issues where there were differences. But at the end of the day we came back together and were willing to work together. And that would be my commitment to you.”




City Council action affirms ban on dispensaries; adds a ban on mobile dispensing and delivery of marijuana  Members of the North Coastal Prevention Coalition (NCPC) were pleased by the outcome of Vista’s Council action on Tuesday, November 10, which prohibits storefront marijuana dispensaries and delivery services within the City.


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California NORML's list of MMJ Lawyers and Bondsmen that service Carlsbad


  1. Wicker Law - E. Wicker Law Office handles all types of marijuana cases, both business and criminal defense. They believe iit is imperative to know your rights and to follow the law precisely. California medical marijuana laws allow for the legal sales of medical cannabis and related products under specified conditions.


Nathan Shaman is a San Diego medical cannabis attorney that specializes in the representation of MMJ patients, dispensaries and collectives; . services include; marijuana defense, block abusive city government actions, startup of medical cannabis collective or business.


Jessica McElfresh will never let a prosecutor forget that they have to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Jessica likes to examine every little detail and every bit of evidence to find flaws in your adversary's case.  She'll fight to suppress any illegal action by the prosecution, including evidence obtained unlawfully to create a most compelling defense case, the kind of case that you and more importantly, the judge agree with.




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From the Man on the Street


"Carlsbad Stoners - Stoners are what the word just explains. They go out around Carlsbad and find the "primest spots to toke at brah" most of them are skinny kids with severe ADHD. The other half of them are the Carlsbad lacrosse team. The "Rats" in Carlsbad are stoners which none in Carlsbad cares for except if you're a rat. " - Urban Dictionary


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Oceanside keeps medical marijuana bans in wake of new state laws - 2016


The Oceanside City Council has voted to continue its ban on commercial medical marijuana — including the cultivation, sale or delivery of cannabis.


Council votes to ban medical marijuana- 2016


A spirited discussion surrounding one of the most controversial issues facing local governments took center stage on Wednesday.

After a lengthy process, the City Council voted unanimously to ban all medical marijuana services, facilities and cultivation. Although the vote ended 5-0, councilwoman Olga Diaz was the lone member expressing a desire to continue the debate to find a solution to residents who use the drug for medical purposes.



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Police - Cannabis Files






Drug trafficker from California sentenced to 10 years in prison- 2016


A Carlsbad man was convicted of conspiracy to distribute at least 100 kilos of marijuana and money laundering was sentenced to 10 years in prison in Federal court.


It just got a lot harder to get medical marijuana in one San Diego suburb.- 2016


City Council goes against the people.  Time to take notes and names.


The City Council in Oceanside, CA made the decision to ban the delivery of medicinal marijuana to patients in spite of community resistance.

We call bullshit, because at the meeting, the audience spoke against the resolution and almost no one argued for.   

"Despite 30 audience members speaking out against and only 1 person arguing for the ban, the city council went forward with it."






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 medical marijuana evaluations CARLSBAD